Gentle Force

An Introvert Motivational Movement


Have you ever been told to “come out of your shell”, or have people told you that you’re quiet, shy, or even a hermit? There is a deeper reason why you act the way you do,: it runs deep inside of you and is at the core of who you are. In Western society, we have been taught to value an extroverted personality, but there is another personality that is often misunderstood and undervalued: The Introvert. We undervalue the personality traits of introverts, leaving them confused and feeling like something is “wrong” with them. 

We have conformed our lives, our office floor plans, and our classrooms to emphasize the importance of working in a cooperative place, and since we have conformed our society to fit the extrovert ideal, introverts are losing the meaning of who they truly are.


After extensive research, I have decided to create an awareness campaign focused on educating introverts about the positive aspects of their personality and encouraging them to embrace who they are. 

This campaign will help introverts better understand how they act, how they can become comfortable being themselves, and help them handle different situations using their special “powers”, such as deep thinking, listening, strategizing, and passion.


During my research into both introverted and extroverted personalities, I discovered that introverts need to understand who they are before they can truly be comfortable with themselves.  

There are many ways a person can be misjudged, and if we begin to bring awareness to differences in personality types we may be able to change the way people think about introverts and extroverts. There is a collective subconscious level in the brain that controls how we behave. Introverts and extroverts are wired differently thus creating the different personality traits.


This campaign is called Gentle Force because for years introverts were stereotyped as hermits and forced to push aside their natural instincts, becoming someone they are not. Gentle Force highlights the powers of the newly identified introvert who values and understands what they have to bring to the table. 

My design reflects this through the power of yin and yang. Without the balance of yin (introverts) and yang (extroverts), the world will fall apart.

Color palette

I use the calm, relaxing shades of blue to further demonstrate how the world needs balance. Blue is commonly known to imbue a gentle, calming effect, but it’s not always gentle. Blue, same as introverts, have a secret force behind common interpretation.

Logo type

Callie Hand is used as the main font in the identity. It brings an elegant style that is welcoming. Gotham is used as the secondary font which embraces the force behind the power each introvert brings to our world. Together they create a welcoming balance between the yin and yang.


“The Power of You” is another subtle way to encourage introverts to embrace who they are.

brand system

To help spread the word, I have decided to embrace the simple pleasures of the written word. I start the campaign with a simple ad that creates curiosity among society. The ad tells people what their power is while asking others to think of what their power is, followed by a call to action to find out more. 

Within the campaign, you’ll find quotes and sayings on bookmarks, moleskins, and mugs to help inspire introverts while they are spreading the word in their own subtle way.


Once introverts are inspired to embrace who they are, they will have access to a platform where they feel most comfortable in communicating. A website. This website is chock full of information regarding introverts but can be enjoyed by introverts and non-introverts alike. Knowledge is the best power any of us can have.